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Adopt, Don’t Shop

Adopt, Don’t Shop!

At ART Pune, we firmly believe in the principle of “Adopt, Don’t Shop.” The dog breeding industry is often extremely cruel and places immense suffering on adult breed dogs forced to reproduce year after year, due to the demand for purebred or pedigree puppies.

To combat this, we have been helping other NGOs in Pune by adopting seized dogs, sterilizing them, and finding them loving homes through adoption. So far, we have successfully placed 150+ adult dogs in new homes.

Our adoption coordination team is dedicated to responsibly managing the adoption process. Only healthy, sterilized, and vaccinated dogs are put up for adoption. If a dog is not adopted, they will still have a loving home in our retirement facility, Aashiyana. Adoptions are done within the city of Pune so that we can ensure proper follow-up care. Potential adopters are thoroughly vetted, and a counseling session is conducted before the adoption is finalized.

We also encourage people to adopt Indian breeds, and more and more people are doing so as awareness grows about the cruelties of the dog breeding industry. Adoption is not just about getting a pet; it’s about giving a rescued animal a second chance at life, love, and family.

Our goal is to ensure that any pet we place for adoption goes to a family who can provide them with a lifelong commitment, an appropriate and safe environment, and most importantly, unconditional love.

If you are considering adopting from our shelter, we encourage you to ask all the questions and doubts you have.

Adopting a rescued pet has many benefits including:

You have a new addition to your family.

You save a life

You help stop cruelty in mass breeding

You adopt a pet who has received good care

You take advantage of adopting an adult pet. (no puppy phase)

You encourage others to adopt animals from shelters!

We are grateful for your kindness in considering adopting from our rescue trust, and saving a life.

Here is a gallery of some of the adoptions that we facilitated. All of these animals were brought to or dumped at, or rescued by ART.