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Rescues & Treatment

Rescues & Treatment

At ART, we understand the power of a single image. Every day, we document and share updates about our rescue efforts, admissions, and treatments on our social media pages. Since the end of 2018, we have been proud to offer free treatment to over 8,000 admitted dogs. Recently, we have expanded our efforts to include cats and birds in need of care, with a particular focus on the avian population in Pune, where a shortage of facilities has led to a high number of lost lives.

Our organization operates with a dedication to providing top-notch care for animals in need. In addition to our 24/7 web reporting line, we also offer reporting through WhatsApp and SMS. This allows for easy reporting, even in areas with poor internet connectivity or for those who may not be tech-savvy.

We take great care in recording and updating the information of each patient that comes through our doors. Each animal is given a name and their information is recorded in our Excel database, which includes the reporter’s details, the animal’s name and basic information, diagnosis, test results such as bloodwork or x-rays, and their current status.

Our goal is to see every animal recover fully and be released back into the wild. However, for those who are permanently paralyzed or have had amputations, we provide a home in our retirement facility.

We also have a special ward for animals who have been hit by cars and require long-term care. Many of these animals need to be hand-fed and have smooth surfaces to protect their knees while they recover.

Our facility is unique in that it is entirely cage-free. We have built large, airy kennels where animals with similar temperaments are housed together, allowing them the freedom to move and reducing their stress.

We also have separate wards for critical patients, as well as a modernized, state-of-the-art operation theater for both routine and emergency surgeries.

We believe that all animals deserve the best healthcare, regardless of whether they are pets or strays. Our team of veterinarians has performed a wide range of surgeries, from tumor and eye operations to orthopedic procedures, and we partner with the best pathology labs to ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients. All of this is provided free of cost.

Pigs and Birds 

Almost all the piglets that come to ART suffer from heavy vertebral damage, and require intense care. The main cause for these injuries are roadside accidents. Although none of them have survived so far, there is a team devoted to treating piglets from all over Pune. 

City birds like pigeons, crows and sparrows are sometimes prone to injury, especially in housing societies and other closed spaces. These birds can be treated at the medical cell, and future plans include establishing an Aviary at ART.