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CSR / Institutional Donors

ART invites Indian companies, businesses or institutions to contribute to our cause on a regular basis through CSR initiatives, in-kind donations and through specialised; or expert services they can offer us at no charge. If you, your company, business or institution, resonate with our cause and would like to contribute in whatever way possible, please write to us on

Corpus Donations

Corpus donations are a unique way to secure the future of our organisation and the work that we do for animals. While our current efforts are focused on our rescue, medical and rehabilitation work, it is a small group of individuals who work hard to ensure we are able to generate the support to fund the work we do.

A corpus fund is one that is saved to be used as “Emergency funds” and to help the organisation survive difficult times. If COVID times have taught us anything, it is to be prepared and ensure we have subsistence funds so that we can continue our work for animals in the most difficult times. Corpus funds will be invested and the investment proceeds of this will be used for operational and medical costs at ART. If you would like to help secure ART’s future and the animals it cares for, please write to us at