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Quarantine Ward

Rabies & Distemper Quarantine Ward

There are a lot of myths and misconceptions that surround distemper dogs. ART aims to bust some of these myths.

Distemper is simply a viral infection, the aftermath of which is lifelong twitching in various parts of a dog’s body. Unfortunately, a lot of dogs with suspected distemper are euthanized or left in shelters for a lifetime of care. Sometimes dogs that get twitches in their head, legs and body end up being distemper negative and have been treated accordingly, leading to them living long and happy lives. In fact, approximately 80 out of every 100 cases turn out to be distemper negative.

If dogs have a strong immune system and are able to overcome distemper, they are called distemper survivors. The unique quarantine ward at ART is open to distemper patients, and dogs that that suffer from twitching after bad tick fevers, nerve disorders or other severe illnesses like rabies.

ART has the facilities to administer PCR tests to distemper dogs, and if the test comes back positive, the dogs undergo symptomatic treatment, secondary infection treatment, or secondary condition treatment. Distemper, in its very early stages, can be cured. After a substantial period of ayurvedic medication, the patients can live with a little bit of twitching. 

After treatment, distemper survivors that can live on the streets are vaccinated and let out. They are connected to the dog feeders in a particular area who are made aware of their condition and medical history. 

The bottom line is that not every dog that twitches has distemper, and ART is ready and open to treating them with the love and care they deserve.